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The importance of exhibitions… BIEMH 2016 balance

The 29th edition of the Biennial Machine Tool 2016 is already finished, an exhibition that according to the General Director of BEC has been a recovery exhibition- Basañez: “We have not reached record numbers but BIEMH has been the biennial of recovery”  And after a long hard working week, contacts, conversations, interest shown, expectations and […]

Trump, American dream or uncertainty for Basque companies? 

November 9, woke up with the unexpected news of the victory of the eccentric Tycoon in American presidential elections by opening a period of economic uncertainty worldwide and  local. And yesterday, January 20, 2017, witnessed the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.   United States has for decades been the leader of the global […]

The E.U. seeks a future post Brexit in Bratislava

@idoiaiturbe via Diario Vasco Global Economy   Already there’s been a few months since the so-called Brexit. A topic that has been relevant in the recently held European Summit in Bratislava. But before quote what is what has been in such a Summit would discuss what indicators samples on the actual effect of the Brexit in recent months.    What it seems is happening […]


Globalik in mission to Iran –17th International Industry Exhibition      Our international Director has recently participated in a trip to Iran with a delegation of leading Basque companies. Some of them have presence in the Teheran International Industry Exhibition in its 17th Edition.    Iran remains a market with great potential, with a Government more opened who has opted for the investment or the development of industry and […]

GLOBAL LEHIAN 2107: Ayudas para la internacionalización #plandeinternacionalización

GLOBAL LEHIAN 2107: Ayudas para la internacionalización #plandeinternacionalización Como todos los años, y a partir del 22 de Marzo de 2017 queda abierto el plazo de inscripción para las ayudas del Gobierno Vasco para las microempresas y PYMEs de la CAPV en procesos de internacionalización. Por lo tanto, todas las empresas interesadas en recibir la […]