In Globalik Business Group we consider ourselves consultants of a new era. The team and collaborators provide decades of experience in different sectors, diverse profiles, come from various backgrounds, offer experience from start-ups to public institutions, knowledge on countless markets from Singapore to the USA, expertise in the Middle (MENA) and a global and innovative work philosophy but yet close and committed.

We are young, dynamic, honest and responsible. Respectful with your needs, we value the richness that diversity of cultures and ideas can bring to your projects in a rapidly changing and global world like todays. We believe in the power of collaboration, in roots of trust and union that are the foundation that underpins the strength of our growth.

We are a global network

with local action

Because as our branches grow higher and further our roots run down deeper

Globalik zaude? Are you Globalik? ¿Quieres estar Globalik?

Why Globalik?

Because we speak from the experience, most of us come from private companies’ sales, export and management positions.

Because we have walked on sand dunes, up mountains, distant lands and navigated rough seas to bring you back firsthand knowledge and experience.

Because we have a national and international network of partners and collaborators.

Because we adapt to the needs of each company in cost and time.

Because we offer high quality work at a very competitive prices based on models that minimize infrastructure and fixed costs.

Because we don’t offer standard projects and therefore standard prices, the customer pays depending on the characteristics of the project and the people on them.

Because we integrate in your company and teams as another team member of even department.

Because we’re constantly learning from every decision, every project, every success and every mistake to make further progress.

And, because above all, we will be sincere.

Because as our branches grow higher and further our roots run down deeper

The most effective way to bring value to a project is to become part of their teams

We understand and empathize with the reality of our customers’ needs, challengues and future goals