About us

What is Globalik Business Group’s essence?

As we move towards a more globalized and connected world, it opens new opportunities but also challenges and needs that require new models and work teams.

And while internationalization is an opportunity to strengthen companies’ competitive and commercial positions, in recent years it has gone from being a strategic option to becoming almost an imperative for survival.

We have heard those companies that in recent years have said up loud that there is a need to adapt and cope with these new realities.

To help you overcome these new challenges in an innovative but empathic way is the reason that drives the creation of Globalik Business Group

In Globalik Business Group we consider ourselves consultants of a new era. The team and collaborators provide decades of experience in different sectors, diverse profiles, come from various backgrounds, offer experience from start-ups to public institutions, knowledge on countless markets from Singapore to the USA, expertise in the Middle (MENA) and a global and innovative work philosophy but yet close and committed.

What are the main services we could offer you?

Decades of multi-sector, multidisciplinary and multinational experience to add value and comprehensive support to your business.

A network that includes some of the most respected business and political leaders of today, especially from our area of influence and expertise: Middle East.

Professionals from the international media industry who have worked for the world’s leading publications and media firms offering the possibility to spread your message to the most respected international publications accompanying you in all the steps of the process.

We provide to international projects and companies access to our network of investors as well as a portfolio with investment opportunities to our potential business angels, private investors, investment firms or companies looking for strategic or technological partnerships or M&As.

What are our values?

We are young, dynamic, honest and responsible. Respectful with your needs, we value the richness that diversity of cultures and ideas can bring to your projects in a rapidly changing and global world like todays.

We believe in the power of collaboration, in roots of trust and union that are the foundation that underpins the strength of our growth.

"Like the trees in our forests where as the branches grow higher and further the roots run down deeper"


Expressed in the sincerity of our words and values

Respect for the truth and trust in our word as a reflection of our strong principles. Principles that we want to grow into our way of being, acting and working. We try to behave and express ourselves with reliability and sincerity in accordance with the values ​​of truth and justice. We try to be honest and provide credibility, facilitate dialogue, understand and cooperate with our customers and team members.


For the individual and for diversity

We respect the capacity and desire for personal growth as well as the talents and beliefs of our customers, employees, partners and others with whom we work on our projects. We treat people with respect and value ideas and merit regardless of their position.

Respect implies sincerity and mutual empathy, and based on that we communicate in a direct and open manner. We encourage constructive criticism and people to express themselves honestly without fear of negative appraisals by other team members. We try to motivate the contribution of value to the projects and the individual growth by leading by example.

We respect the diversity of ideas, experiences, expertise and backgrounds. We believe that the contribution and incorporation of different values ​​and knowledge fosters the creation of environments with new ideas and open-mindedness, which is crucial to the success of projects in nowadays diverse and global environments.

We are committed to making Globalik Business Group a company in which people and organizations have the ability to grow and carry out projects in harmony regardless of their religion, gender, origin or culture.


Meet your needs above ours

We measure our success through the success of our customers. We seek to identify the real needs of our customers and respond to them by offering the best of us during the delivery and implementation of our work.


As an expression of courage and responsibility

Integrity expressed as trust and responsibility in our actions. We do not make promises we can not fulfill. We want to express confidence in our words and people, based on empathy with and to all our employees, partners, customers and others with whom we interact in the interests of the common good. We guarantee to treat with full confidentiality our customers’ information.


As the foundation for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships

A perspective of collaboration and partnership orients Globalik Business Group internally and with ours customers and/or other stakeholders. We establish relations with a long-term vision. We strive to build a partnerships based on respect, honesty and mutual support. We know that teamwork and cooperation are essential for success, both as a company or as an individual. We consider essential to provide our customers with added value, expertise and knowledge parternering or collaboating with different people and teams based on the project and to guarantee a customized proposal.

Collaboration is also the base of our approach. We respect the challenges they face, we appreciate their knowledge and experience and we feel privileged to work with them as a team to achieve and share common accomplishments. We win when you win.

At Globalik Business Group we aspire to a professional partnership with those who join us or our projects. A partnership that hopefully will last over time.


We believe that we can contribute a bit to our society and the world to make it a better place

We feel the responsibility of having a positive impact on society beyond the realms of business. We try to make the world a somewhat better place by: helping training young people and incorporating them to the market, helping our customers achieve goals that will impact their communities and donating a part of our time and resources back to the society.

Why should you trust us?

“The problem in many traditional markets is that there are few opportunities and many companies are still anchored in old models that no longer work”, “We have to find the balance between breaking the idea of being ​​strictly local and internationalizing without losing our soul and essence”, “We must learn to be receptive, open to new ideas, methods and formulas”.

…because we speak from the experience, most of us come from private companies’ sales, export and management positions,
…because we have walked on sand dunes, up mountains, distant lands and navigated rough seas to bring you back firsthand knowledge and experience,
…because we have a national and international network of partners and collaborators,
…because we adapt to the needs of each company in cost and time,
…because we offer high quality work at a very competitive prices based on models that minimize infrastructure and fixed costs,
…because we don’t offer standard projects and therefore standard prices, the customer pays depending on the characteristics of the project and the people on them,
…because we integrate in your company and teams as another team member of even department,
…because we’re constantly learning from every decision, every project, every success and every mistake to make further progress,
…and, because above all, we will be sincere.

Businesses constantly hear this kind of comments in conferences, networking events and in media. And, even though many of you do identify that there is a clear need in that respect, to find those who would guide you on this new path is a challenge. Globalik intends not to be a traditional consulting of words and documents but we try to be consultants of facts, actions, empathy and shared achievements…

But there is something we can not offer: miraculous solutions

It’s a mistake to think that once you hire a consultant the difficulties disappear. Consultancy tries to find the most suitable and effective solutions and strategies based on a complex analysis of the reality and needs of each company or project. But above all, it is a team effort, especially on the path to internationalization. The effort and confidence of companies’ management and teams, their conviction on the long path of internationalization and patience during the growth period before the planted seeds blossoms with their first fruits are as important or more for the final result as the quality of the consultants’ advice.

Would you like us to be your travel companions?
Globalik zaude? Are you Globalik? ¿Quieres estar Globalik?

Because as our branches grow higher and further our roots run down deeper

The most effective way to bring value to a project is to become part of their teams

We understand and empathize with the reality of our customers’ needs, challengues and future goals

Could you be our customer? How can we help you?

Based on our philosophy of flexibility and innovation we do not offer standardized projects but we adapt our experience and capabilities to the needs of our customers. We develop custom made projects. Projects that include the different services that Globalik has identified considering the particularities of each challenge. And hence the diversity of our portfolio of customers.

Start- ups and SMEs or micro-SMEs with none or low export know-how

For many SMEs the globalization, the limitations of their local presence, and the current macroeconomic reality, internationalization has gone from being a strategic option to become an imperative to achieve competitiveness and, for some, even survival.

And, in most cases, the profile of these type of companies is small size, limited experience in internationalization and/or limited financial and human resources.

However, on the other hand, we do not forget the start-ups with innovative projects that in many cases are born with great international potential and vocation.

Globalik Business Group tries to analyze your current situation and your internationalization dreams, small or big, to understand where we start, what summits we want to reach and how we could get there. And above all to prepare us all to embark on this new adventure.


Clusters, Business Associations and Development Agencies

Globalik based on our philosophy of alliances and synergies we offer the posibility ro complement and support the internationalization services of those associations, development agencies and clusters that want to cooperate to streamline their processes and actions.


Larger or internationalized SMEs with needs on specific projects per country or phase

Even larger companies with a high level of internationalization find interesting to conduct new surveys and analyze the potential of new markets, new strategies, new alliances, etc. while export departments sometimes lack the time or knowledge to undertake them.

Globalik Business Group offers knowledge and value in specific phases of the internationalization plan, specific actions, strategies or countries.


Public institutions, corporations and associations, government departments

Based on partnerships and internal experience in our area of expertise (Middle East), Globalik Business Group offers not only consulting services (internationalization plans for the countries in the region, market research, marketing strategies ) but also a network of contacts and institutional relations that are available to those companies, industry associations, universities, private investors and public institutions and government departments interested in contacting directly with their regional counterparts or seeking influence and value as an element of high level relational communication.