Companies understand that internationalization is the basis for diversification, competitiveness improvement and sales increase.

“I need to go international, but do I have sufficient financial resources to invest in it? “, “What are the steps to start with the process?”, “I don’t have an international sales department,”, ” we would like to enter new markets, but our current international sales team could not attend more workload “, ” but if we then hire someone and the market end us not being interesting?”

In Globalik, we are aware that, regardless of your size, sometimes you count on limited financial resources and/ or limited human resources not only for global strategies but also for specific projects.

Therefore, Globalik provide a team of experts in foreign trade and exports to help you walk the path of the internationalization process.

We become your export or international department

But we could also support your current sales team, accelerating the development of new markets, integrating into your team and focusing on developing those sectors or markets keen to your business and where we could add expertise and value.

Every day, we will walk with you, as your travel companion

What are the advantages of the international department or export management outsourcing model?

The most prominent advantages of this model is the flexible engagement. Without addressing the responsibilities of hiring new employees and other fixed infrastructures, you would have the opportunity to check the feasibility and competitiveness of your products or services in new markets, the potential of your global sales strategy and the capabilities of your export department. And, saving money, by the opportunity cost that allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the international sales tasks taken care of by outside experts.