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The opportunities of technological progress and globalization

Technological progress and globalization have created new ways to convey corporate messages, conduct marketing campaigns or even create an international country level branding strategy and the way in which messages are transmitted must be integrated with the new technologies and with internet.

Our value proposal

Globalik Media aims from coping with the needs of medium and large companies that want to conduct specific marketing campaigns (launching of new products, promotional corporate videos before an international fair, etc) to the possibility to deliver country level branding and marketing messages internationally and in editorial media channels.

Our politicians, businessmen and leader know the importance of reaching the right audience, at the right time with the right message. Globalik Media, via national and international partnerships, does not offer launching our customers’ story through traditional advertising platforms but over editorial channels, enabling our customers to determine when the message is delivered.

We partner with the best

Globalik Media offers the possibility of spreading your message or take your overall marketing strategy to the most respected international publications such as Bloomberg or The Economist.

We have in our team professionals who have worked for major press and TV publications both locally and worldwide with experience developing complete projects and various roles from project management to funding or content editing.

Our identity

Excellent narration, efficient production and targeted distribution. Globalik Media provide your profile, company or history with the innovative image that current times require.

Knowledge areas and services offered


We have trusted collaborators and equipment in the production and editing of quality video content. We coordinate and facilitate the process moving our team to your location, guiding you through the interview process or content, and capturing your story or the essence of your company and/or project in a way that appeals to your target audience.


Our goal is to give you voice to reach your target audience, a local public or an influential international observers.

Digital edition Management

Internet, mobile phones, new applications …entails that many publishers are embedded in a complex process of evolution. Its contents and the way in which are transmitted needs to be integrated with Internet and new technologies, which implies the need for new strategies to adapt to the new models of cost and revenue created in the industry. Globalik Media delivers solutions that cover the new needs of web 2.0. with our own creation, editing and web content management solutions and creating customized multiservice and multi-device products.