In a globalized world like todays, the internationalization is an opportunity to enhance companies’ competitiveness and market positioning. However, in recent years it has gone from being a strategic option to become an imperative to achieve not only competitiveness but even the survival of many industries.

Many companies have taken this path, and those that have developed internationalization strategies are now receiving their rewards: they have achieved their goals, acquired knowledge along the way and attained key competitive advantages that are indispensable to their companies. Nonetheless, Globalik begins this introduction by recalling that it won’t be an easy and simple initiative.

The road to internationalization is not easy, requires responsiveness, patience, perseverance, determination and teamwork

Internationalization requires patience and perseverance. And, it is a commitment that the whole team should compromise to. The companies and the people that form them should be immersed in a process of change, to evolve from the start point and to reach the summit transformed into an internationalized company. And companies should continue with their journey, capitalizing their experience and reaching new heights (new markets and countries), exploring new routes (different strategies depending on the target market) with new partners (new teams and partnerships) but without losing their adventurous, entrepreneurial and international spirit.

Beyond consulting, we want to be your travel companions

Although there are many companies that have undertaken this process, internationalization still remains as an opportunity full of possibilities for them, but it is especially interesting for those who have not yet done so. Globalik would like to offer to all of you, decades of experience and knowledge that our teams have acquired in different journeys, added value and comprehensive support for the management change required to achieve this goal: to make your dream of internationalized come true.

We want to be your partners in the following step of the way