institutional relations

In which countries is our network of high-level contacts?

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is an area of ​​great potential, which is in constant growth, while being immersed in some of the most profound and significant changes in their recent history. The paradigms are changing, markets are created or transformed, and many classic business models and approaches are reinventing in the region.

And, while the commercial potential and opportunities in the region remain very attractive for our companies, success can only be achieved with extensive knowledge of the internal market, a customized strategic and commercial approach and an adequate network.

Our value proposal

Globalik has professionals who offer decades of knowledge and experience in the region, local business insight and an extensive and important network of institutional and high-level contacts.

Network that has some of the most respected business and political leaders today.

Globalik offers institutional and business contacts in the region to those companies, industry associations, universities and public institutions interested in directly contacting with their regional counterparts or seeking influence and value as an element of high level relational communication.

“The geographic expertise, the possibility of diplomatic openings and executive, institutional or governmental level relationships are at your disposal”

For further information please contact the Globalik Middle East Institutional Relations Department