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Zuma Innovation, the triumph of the illusion and the hard work of a young Basque entrepreneurs

Mikel Zubieta and Jon Madariaga, two young Basque engineers, founders of Zuma Innovation, are about to fulfill a dream: see how prototypes of mechatronic systems of high added value for bicycles of high range they have created are manufactured. The road has not been easy and yet much remains to be done .However, they have […]

Why does economy need more entrepeneurs?

Entrepreneurs are considered in many countries as a national asset that should be cultivated, motivated and adequately encouraged since they are figures that can change the way in which we live and work. If they succeed, their innovations can improve even our standard of living. In short, in addition to the creation of wealth of their business […]

What is the consultative selling?

Some people define it as the “new way to sell”. Even if you’re not “commercial” or “seller” we must not forget that being aware or unwillingly everyboy sell something, an idea, a plan, our values … Therefore we will use the term seller between quotation marks throughout the article.  But what is it exactly? Let’s […]

Saudi Arabia a step more toward economic modernization…  

Less than a month ago the Government of Saudi Arabia announced that the country opened its borders to international investment.   In this way was made public the intention of the monarchy headed by King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz To the Saud and Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince, extend the economic modernization process in which the country […]

India: Attractive economy but unknown.

  Taking advantage of the recent trip made by a team of students and teachers of  Deusto Business School to the Asian country to analyze the opportunities afforded by this “great unknown” to our companies.    India, is the country that captivates companies seeking to implant in the wide market of Middle East, Southeast Asia and West […]

Globalik in BeautyWorld Middle East

Beauty World Middle East; The largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances and wellbeing in the Middle East.  Globalik goes in accompaniment of a  Basque company of the cosmetic sector to Beautyworld Middle East .It’s the biggest event of cosmetics, perfumery and products for hair care and personal hygiene in the Middle East.  […]