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What is the consultative selling?

Some people define it as the “new way to sell”. Even if you’re not “commercial” or “seller” we must not forget that being aware or unwillingly everyboy sell something, an idea, a plan, our values … Therefore we will use the term seller between quotation marks throughout the article.  But what is it exactly? Let’s […]

Trump, American dream or uncertainty for Basque companies? 

November 9, woke up with the unexpected news of the victory of the eccentric Tycoon in American presidential elections by opening a period of economic uncertainty worldwide and  local. And yesterday, January 20, 2017, witnessed the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.   United States has for decades been the leader of the global […]

The E.U. seeks a future post Brexit in Bratislava

@idoiaiturbe via Diario Vasco Global Economy   Already there’s been a few months since the so-called Brexit. A topic that has been relevant in the recently held European Summit in Bratislava. But before quote what is what has been in such a Summit would discuss what indicators samples on the actual effect of the Brexit in recent months.    What it seems is happening […]

Arab Emirates, progressive and diversified growth 

Now that the battle of the area to be present in the international economy headlines two great powers compete for it (Iran and Saudi Arabia), should not  forget this small great country: United Arab Emirates.    The economy of this Nordic of Arabia (see article Fjords of Saudi), United Arab Emirates  (UAE), is the most diversified within the […]

Saudi Arabia a step more toward economic modernization…  

Less than a month ago the Government of Saudi Arabia announced that the country opened its borders to international investment.   In this way was made public the intention of the monarchy headed by King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz To the Saud and Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince, extend the economic modernization process in which the country […]

India: Attractive economy but unknown.

  Taking advantage of the recent trip made by a team of students and teachers of  Deusto Business School to the Asian country to analyze the opportunities afforded by this “great unknown” to our companies.    India, is the country that captivates companies seeking to implant in the wide market of Middle East, Southeast Asia and West […]